Homeowner Services


2 Hour DIY Renovation Brainstorming Sessions Available $300 plus HST

Ideal for smaller DIY projects - learn how to select the right contractor, file for permits (if required) write a detailed scope of work for contractors and trades, discuss risks and benefits of the project. Devise a schedule and more…

Pre-Renovation Inspection for Buyers and Sellers $375 plus HST

Buying or Selling we provide a detailed scope of work, ideal for 1st Time Buyers to Novice Sellers, the construction and renovation industry is constantly changing. Find out from an industry professional if they renovation you’re planning is feasible, what a realistic timeline and budget is for your type of project, save time, money and stress waiting for a contractor to quote. We provide a Detailed Impartial 3rd Party Quote that you can use to hire contractors

Renovation Coaching $325 plus HST

Why Renovation Coaching? Simply because most homeowners have no experience in the construction or renovation process. They watch a few shows on television, talk to friend or go to the school of hard knocks with no idea of what to do or what to say on a daily basis. Maybe your a general contractor, investor or home owner that wants to learn how to manage a renovation or multiple renovations in a organized fashion using checklists, forms and accountability of a mentor. Our goal is to raise your level of knowledge, skill and build your mindset so you can advance your production to the next level. We offer 30 -minute weekly coaching calls starting $325 per month with no contract.

Renovation Project Management 10% of Project Plus HST

File and obtain appropriate paperwork with building department, assist you in hiring consultants as needed ie: Architechs, Engineers and other trades, schedule and coordinate contractors in a sequence that will streamline the construction process , advocate for “you” the “homeowner” assist in the planning, material and supply chain, draft scope of work, assist in material and finish selections “shopping”, payment progress schedules, review change orders, provide a trusted trade list to choose from

Pre-Renovation Inspection Starting $350 plus HST

Our Pre-Renovation Inspection Service is available to homeowners and home buyers thinking of buying or selling real estate that would like to know if the project they plan is feasible. Ideal in avoiding unnecessary delays waiting for contractors that “might” show up to quote your project. Relax with one stop shopping instead of trying to coordinate 5-6 contractors and trades.

The Goal of a Pre-Renovation inspection is to evaluate if the renovation project is possible and provide a realistic budget to plan for.

Review the Home Inspection Report (if available)

  • Meet at the property discuss planned renovations, evaluate the structure for proposed plans

  • Review the feasibility of the planned renovations

  • Provide a realistic quote for renovations from a impartial 3rd party to take to a lending institution or budgeting

  • Discuss the difference between good-better and best finishes

  • Written Report Available for extra Fee

“The best thing we did was to hire Lisa-she kept me from spending money we would never recoup, she had the knowledge and connections to make our dreams a reality -if you are planning a Reno we highly recommend her”
— Patti T. June 2019 Halifax NS