The Tools You Need For A Good (DIY) Life

What tools are in your toolbox? Do you even have a toolbox? Because you should. Whether you are a real DIY kind of person, or you're just independent enough that you've decided you can do the small jobs yourself, you're going to need tools. That doesn't mean you need to go out and buy every piece of Black and Decker ever made. On the contrary. It takes only a few tools to have yourself covered for whatever small repair job might come up.

Here is a list of essential tools to have at your disposal. They are all easy to find and easy to use. And they can go a long way in making you feel confident and prepared.

1. Hammer – Get yourself a 16 ounce hammer. Take your time, find one that fits your hand well and is balanced nicely. Get to know the hammer before you buy, give it a few good swings!

2. Multi-head Screwdriver – You're going to need a screwdriver. It just makes sense to get the most versatile one. Keep an eye out for the ratcheting ones, they allow you to turn the screw many times without having to re-position you hand. You'll be glad you did.

3. Utility Knife – It's like scissors for adults! There's a reason it's called a “utility” knife. It has so many uses! You can cut drywall, strip wires, cut up boxes, and trim linoleum. So many uses!

4. Tape Measure – You have to know how wide, how tall, how narrow, how deep almost everything is. Using a kids ruler and your own judgement won't always cut it. Make sure to get a sturdy one and it should last you a lifetime.

5. Level – You measured it twice but is it level? Having a level takes so much guess-work out of every project. Start with one on the longer side, like 2 feet, because they help the most with common household tasks like putting up shelves, pictures, and mirrors.

6. Wrenches – Go out and get an adjustable wrench. Do it. You need one!

7. Cordless Drill – If you ever find yourself needing a power tool, it's probably a drill. And if you're getting a drill, get a cordless, rechargeable one. You'll thank yourself for it later.

8. Needlenose Pliers – You'd be surprised how often you'll need these. Broken link on a neckless – needlenose pliers, toothbrush down the drain – needlenose pliers! Very, very handy.

While that's not a list of every tool you may end up using, it is a list of the most commonly used. And don't forget the actual toolbox to store them in. There's nothing worse than needing a tool you own and not being able to find it!

So go out there, get yourself those 8 items for your tool kit. You'll feel ready for the next DIY project or surprise repair job. And of course, if the job is too big to handle, you can always call a trusted contractor. They'll have all the tools you need to get the job done.

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