TRENDING THIS FALL Inspiration for Home Renovations


Summer is beginning to wind down and you're ready to start that fall renovation. You know you need to do some major changes to the interior. But what direction are you going to take? What look are you hoping for?

Maybe you just know you need a change. And all you need now is some inspiration. Then look no further. I've gathered some of the most poplar trends in interior decorating and renovating. That way you are able to have a starting point, something to get you thinking about how you want your home to look this autumn.

Interior Paint Colours
According to HGTV, dark colours are in this fall. Especially dark green. HGTV says “Combined with rich natural wood and leather and accented with brass and cream, the cozy color is a perfect fit for fall and winter. “

And if dark colours aren't your thing, you may be pleased to know that blush pink is in. At least according to who claim that “Blush is back and better than ever.”

Are you the type of person the loves velvet? If so,, you'll be happy to know that several stylists are talking up the virtues of velvet. Soothing and luxurious, able to add an extra layer of cozy in the upcoming autumn months.

And to offset the velvet, how about some woven textures. Wicker and basket weaves can add a nice bit of ruff natural feeling to off-set the plushness of the velvet.

How about earthenware? Do you like terra cotta? Because terra cotta tiles are this fall's must-have for flooring. But if that's not your style, have you considered dark grey hardwood? Grey tones and darker colours are a big hit this fall.

Those are just some of the directions you could take when renovating this fall. As always, you want to strongly consider your options. See what fits within your budget, do your research. If you need the advice of a professional, then reach out and ask one. Making the right choice isn't always easy and it can help to have an informed opinion.


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