We all have that one room in the house that we refer to as the “Ugly Room” and though we frantically flip thru Pinterest and Instagram looking for motivation and inspiration.  There are situations that limit our ability to “fix” this pimple in the house.

“Ugly Rooms” usually need more than paint to make them shine. Here are some tips to help transform your ugly room into the best room in the entire house!

  1. Decide the function of the room: Will it be a home office, home gym, crafts room, extra bedroom, shoe showroom, music room, yoga studio, meditation room? The list is endless, so ensure you know before you begin!

  2. Ask yourself: Is there enough natural light for the new room? Sometimes, simply replacing the existing window(s) with a larger or smaller window or even a small set of doors leading to a French Balcony Railing can really change the feel of the room.

  3. Do you need the closet space and is it being maximized? If keeping the bar and shelf in the closet is only causing a storage war instead of convenience, perhaps it’s time to redesign the closet to a more functional space. IKEA is opening in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia this September and they offer closet organization solutions for every budget. Warning - Declutter before you start this part of the project. Remember the Golden Rule - if you haven’t used it for 2 years then recycle, or re-home. The last thing you need or want is to create this amazing new space only to use it as a new storage room.

  4. Flooring, again depending the ultimate use of this room, you want to select flooring that is going to compliment the function. For instance if the room is in the basement you may want to consider LVT luxury vinyl flooring which is now available in a variety of finishes, colors and thicknesses. If you’re on a budget, the waffle backed acts as a great insulator from the cold concrete floor but still offers the durability of vinyl plus it won’t warp if wet. If your home is a Ranch style bungalow on concrete slab they offer LVT with Cork backing. This is a higher grade of material that again acts as a barrier between you and the cold concrete. If you have Engineered hardwood in all areas except the “Ugly Room” consider going with carpet or high grade laminate but only if you can’t find any engineered hardwood to match the existing flooring.  

  5. Wall coverings are subject to taste but avoid using dark colors in small rooms.

  6. Artificial Lighting - be prepared to spend a bit more and reap the savings over time using LED light fixtures.  The upfront cost may be pricey but the bulbs will last longer and don’t create heat which makes your bills higher.

  7. Finally, replace antiquated heat fixtures - DON’T PAINT THEM!!! Today’s electric baseboard heater can be replaced with convection wall mounted heaters which heat the room more efficiently and free up valuable floor space. Plus they won’t burn tiny fingers.

We hope these ideas help turn that “Ugly Room” into the room you want to spend all your time in!


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