4 Bathroom Trends For 2018


4 Bathroom Renovation Trends To Bring To Your Bathroom In 2018

It's 2018 and you're tired of the way your bathroom looks. I get it, you've been cooped up in here during the cold month and you can't help but feel a bit of the old cabin fever. Luckily I have the antidote. 4 trendy ways you can renovate that bathroom you're so tired of.

Ceramics and More Ceramics – A Fancy Combination
Ceramic tiles are popular for showers and floors, and look great. New designs opt for various geometric patterns in uniform, tone on tone or multi-coloured, and even patchwork patterns. There are ceramics on the market that imitate higher-end materials like wood and marble or even concrete.

Get That Freestanding Tub In Here!
In the past few years, freestanding tubs have become a mainstay in bathroom trends. The tubs come in many shapes, but all offer a modern look, sculptural uniqueness, and clean lines. They also bring a sense of serenity and simplicity to bathrooms, offering the ultimate place to relax. Plus, thanks to their popularity, freestanding tubs have become more accessible to consumers.

Did Someone Say “Iron-Frame Showers”?
Iron framing , which is most common around doors and windows, has extended itself to the bathroom, and particularly the shower. Iron-framed showers provide visual interest and a strong architectural presence. A dark iron-frame shower paired with pale tile is one of the most notable colour combinations in this trend.

A Bathroom That Grows
Sure, bathrooms are great for getting clean but more and more it’s also a space for relaxation and chilling in your own freshness. But for that you need space. If you can, the bathroom can be expanded by taking up space from another room (for example, an unused wardrobe), the washer/dryer is moved elsewhere in the house, the bathroom is relocated to a larger room, or expanded outwards where possible. Otherwise, we play on appearances with big tiles. In addition to giving an illusion of size, large tiles reduce the number of joints and accumulate less dust. Easy to clean while making it look more spacious? Yes please!

There you have it. 4 tips to keep up with the Joneses - at least where bathrooms are concerned. Remember, you don't have to rip out everything to have a new looking bathroom. You can focus on one piece at a time until you've built the bathroom of your dreams!

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