No Kitchen Is An Island Unto Itself


Is a kitchen island right for you?

For those that love to use their kitchen for cooking or entertaining, there is always a struggle to find enough space. Space for people, counter space, cupboard space, and more. And this is exactly why the kitchen island was invented.
The kitchen island offers a new surface for food prep, a meeting place for the kitchen, and a whole new area for storage.

So if you're thinking about having a kitchen island installed (by a professional, insured contractor like Level Ten, of course) then there are a few things you should keep in mind.

1. Do you have enough room for a kitchen island. While you can generally get away with 36 inches of clearance on every side (remember, there's four sides to every island!) I would suggest having at least 42 inches of space on each side, otherwise you're going to start feeling pretty cramped in your own kitchen. So ask yourself, do I have the room for an island?

2. Storage and counter space or a place to meet and eat? Choosing the style of your kitchen island has a lot to do with the functionality of the kitchen island. Some kitchen islands are built with storage in mind, containing multiple cupboards and drawers. While other kitchen islands are better designed to accommodate stools and other seating. Take some time to decide how you and your household will use the kitchen island first, then install.

3. It will change the way you see your kitchen. Sometimes a total kitchen renovations just isn't in the budget. But by adding a new kitchen island, your kitchen will not only look different, you'll be using it differently too. And you know what they say, sometimes a change is as good as a full on complete kitchen make-over!

These days, kitchen islands come in all sorts of designs and materials. If you keep in mind the 3 things I listed it should help you narrow down your options. Of course, you're always welcome to give me a call and we can discuss it together. After all, no kitchen is an island unto itself.

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