Looking Into The Eye Of The Tiger


     "Lisa Coates never wanted to be a real estate agent. She became one, in Boston, in 2001 only because her dying mother asked her to. That worked out nicely enough financially—until it didn’t. In 2008, she found herself almost sucked into the deadly undertow that followed the financial tidal wave that followed the great American real estate collapse. So she moved back to Canada and rebuilt her house-selling career here. That worked out too, but then, in 2015, smacking up against a bad professional/ business experience reminded her again just how much she hated being a real estate agent and how much she wanted to…"  - An Excerpt from the article Eye Of The Tiger, in the March edition of the Atlantic Business Magazine. 
To read the entire article by Stephen Kimber, follow this link: http://www.atlanticbusinessmagazine.net/article/eye-of-the-tiget/

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