Get Your Spring Clean On!


10 Things To Clean This Spring

Spring is here, even if it doesn't feel like it yet. But the calendar says it is, so it's time for Spring Cleaning. It's not my ideal way to spend a Saturday or Sunday, especially with all those Netflix shows piling up. So the best thing to do is have a plan of attack.

Something that really makes a difference is how deep you want to clean. That's why I suggest picking 10 things a year to really give a really hard clean. You would be amazed at how different your house can look when you take the effort to give a deep, thorough cleaning.

Here is my list of 10 items to deep clean this Spring:

1. Windows – Shine those windows, clean away any dirt or mold that my have built up during the winter.

2. Tiled Surfaces – The bathroom, the kitchen, where ever you have ceramic or porcelain tiles, you want to get in there and clean everyone of those grooves.

3. Carpets – Be honest, when's the last time you steam cleaned those carpets? And if you're just vacuuming, make sure to change the bag and filter.

4. Refrigerator – Inside and out. Every rack and the underside of the handle. Check the bulb while you're at it.

5. Your Painted Walls- You know you can wash those, right? Use a very mild soapy water mixture (dish-washing soap works well but go easy.)

6. Cabinets- Just like the fridge, inside and out. And clean all the grooves in the woodwork, you'd be surprised how much build-up they can yield.

7. Counter Tops – You've spent a lot of money on those nice counter tops, when's the last time you had them professionally sealed? Don't forget to clean all the creases and edges.

8. The Wood Floors – Mopping the wood floors every week can actually hurt them. Instead, you only want to wet-clean them every one or two months. Make sure to deep clean the areas where the floor meets the wall.

9. Your Bedding – Now that it's Spring, not only should you change out your bedding, you should try to hanging the fresh stuff outside before putting it on your bed. Nothing beats the smell of fresh spring bedding.

10. Your Broom – It's had a hard winter, probably saw its share of road salt and storm chip crumbs. Make sure your wash out the bristles of your tired broom.

Once you've completed those 10 items, your house is going to look a million times better. And you're going to feel better too. And another thing, by the time you finish this list you'll know what needs fixing or replacing. And if it's something you need help with, call a qualified contractor, like myself.

*You can reach Lisa Coates of Level Ten Landworks by calling 902-706-1069 or send an email to*

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