Carpet verses Hardwood

Carpet? I know what you're thinking. Who is still into carpet these days? But I can tell you, a lot of people choose to have it in their homes. And there's many reasons to go for carpet. Great colours and designs, not too mention the way it can feel. 
Not everyone is into a hardwood floor, but there are those that would never cover that finely polished wood with a carpet. But each one comes with their pros and cons. I'm going to look at each.

Lets' start with Hardwood:

• Their look. Hardwood floors definitely have a way of making any room look good. Must be their warm colors and natural look.
• Hardwood floors last. It’s not uncommon to walk into a 100-year-old house and find the original hardwood floors, sometimes still looking great. When properly cared for, hardwood floors can last a longer than a lifetime! 
• So easy to maintain. Sweep or vacuum them when they get dirty and use a wood cleaner every now and then when they need a good shine. Spills aren’t an issue because both liquids and solids wipe up easily without leaving a stain.
• You can repair them. If your hardwood floors do get scratched, they can be fixed! A simple sanding and refinishing is sometimes all it takes to bring your floors back to life!

• It will cost more than carpet. But what you pay for tends to last. And if they're installed by a competent contractor, then you'll get your money's worth in the long run.
• It can be so cold! If your house is drafty, expect your hardwood floors to be chilly in the cooler months. You may want to invest in some wool socks for the winter months!
• Less pet-friendly. If you have dogs, they’ll hate your hardwood floors. Their padded feet just can’t grip the smooth surface, and they’ll slip and slide every time they pick up speed.
• It gets dirty quickly. It’s a good thing hardwood floors clean easily, because you’ll need to do it frequently. Hardwood shows dirt and dust easily, so be prepared to clean.
• It will wear. Despite the fact that hardwood floors will still be functional decades after they’re installed, they still scratch and wear, especially in high-traffic areas. The worn look can be remedied with a simple refinish.

Let's take a look at the pros and cons of carpet:

• It’s warm to the touch and visually warms the look of a room as well.
• It is soft on your feet and pleasant to walk on.
• So many styles and colours! — depending on style and material, it can give a room a casual look or a formal look.
• Tons of  colour choices available, allowing you to coordinate with walls or furniture, or other parts of the decor. 
• What texture do you like? Shag? Carpet textures and lengths add to your room’s overall style. 

• Staining a carpet by spilling something on it, although stain resistance varies by material. 
• Plus you can get carpet treated to resist staining.
• Carpet tends to show a wear pattern more than hard surfaces do. 
• Carpet can lose it's colour and become sun-bleached in areas where sun comes in.
• Difficult to maintain. You always have to bring out the vacuum. You can't just sweep away your mess.

There you have it. The pros and cons of carpet versus hardwood flooring. The choice is yours. Both are great flooring options, and regardless of what you choose, you can always get in touch with me and my team at Level Ten. I'm always happy to help.