No Cost No Obligation Contractor Referrals Legit or Scam?

No Cost No Obligation Contractor Referrals Legit or Scam

Buyer Beware! There's usually a hidden price for the free quote when you contact most Large Renovation Referral Companies. Sure the ad reads "Free Quote for Homeowner" but the contractors are usually paying per lead and the your contact information might be sold/sent to 3 or more contractors that are willing to pay for your information. Since they usually sell the lead $40-$100 per lead the contractors are paying this fee for you. Even if you only called for information your information is sent to the contractors because the lead referral companies have sold the contractors into contracts that promise X amount of leads per month. Not all companies follow this business model but most do.

Think of it like this....your the contractor and your sent 5 leads per month and only 1 of 5 agrees to work with you, your now negative $160- $400 who's making up the deficit? The customer! And sometimes these companies haven't even vetted the company.

It's important when you have a renovation in mind to consult with a reputable contractor, designer, architect or renovation project manager. They usually don't receive referral fees from their trade partners and only want your satisfaction and referrals to grow their business. For more information contact us anytime.

Ways to Protect your Information and your Home:

  • Look on the website to find the physical location of the referral company . Is it in your country, province or region

  • Set a realistic budget for your renovation, figure out the finances, nothing can turn your dream renovation into a nightmare quicker than not having the finances to finish it

  • Evaluate the return on investment - the best way to do this is to meet with a renovation coach, general contractor, real estate agent, architect or interior designer that knows the area market trends, and home values.

  • If your planning a large renovation protect your home and wallet by doing the leg work, visit local lumber yards and finish companies to evaluate what the true cost of the material will be and lag times for speciality items and ask for referrals.

At Level Ten we never charge referral fee to our trade partners. Our customers are clients which means we provide a Free Phone Consultation to evaluate if we can be of service and if we can the client pays us for our consulting and guidance on a renovation.

I think my installer is doing it wrong!?

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