I think my installer is doing it wrong!?

I think my renovation installer is doing it wrong

You’ve invested thousands of dollars, spent countless hours on Pinterest creating the perfect board, kept your interior designer on speed dial and after years of planning your dream renovation is finally started.

But wait! Your notice your new hardwood floor seems to be veering to the right by 3* or is it your imagination? The installer has been doing this part of the renovation for weeks and google says it should only take a few days! Maybe your project is larger, or special cause your installer is telling you it is.

Actually it sounds like it’s time to call a renovation consultant, with their expertise and experience they’ll be able to give you an impartial 3rd party opinion of the progress of the project and quality of work.

If your gut is screaming something is wrong it most likely is. Don’t waste another dollar on labour or materials before first putting your suspicions to rest.

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