How to Spot Professional Posers in the Construction Industry

Everyone likes to poke fun at Donald Trump and he’s new slogan “Fake News” but the sad reality is that there is a lot of “Fake News” in the construction industry. So I’ve decided to label this blog Professional Posers and maybe it will catch on the same way.

If your about to embark on a small renovation project, home addition or repair. Buyer Beware! Sadly there are a lot of Professional Posers in the marketplace they can be found on social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with advertisements that offer Red Seal Service, or Master Carpenter or General Contractor. They have photos of work they claim they completed, etc…

Here are some ways to protect your wallet and home from these “Professional Posers”

  1. Do they have a professional email address that links to a company? or does it read joesdoesitall at hotmail ? If it’s the later DO NOT CONTACT

  2. Google the phone number, does it link to a office? If not DO NOT CONTACT

  3. Do they claim to be your dream come true? Offering service under the sun ? Refer to Questions 1 and 2

  4. If they are offering handyman services that include plumbing and electrical - ask if they have a license and insurance. In the province of Nova Scotia both of these trades must be licensed to preform work on your home.

  5. Do they only have a facebook profile page and no business page? DO NOT CONTACT

  6. Does their vehicle have professional signage and I don’t mean a magnet on the door.

  7. Did you look them up on Nova Scotia Joint Stocks to find out if they are actually registered? Don’t believe all advertisements

  8. Did you check if they are a Better Business Bureau member?

  9. Ask for a copy of their Workers Compensation Clearance Letter this will prove they pay for insurance to cover their employees in the event someone gets hurt on your property and the employee won’t go after your home owners insurance

  10. Do they charge for permits or request you to pull the permits for the project? If so, who is doing the drawings and submitting the appropriate paperwork, attending inspections and where does the permit have to be displayed? (all questions you should ask)

  11. Are they providing a detailed scope of work? Including the quantity and grades of materials

  12. Is site clean up included?

  13. What is safety record? Can they provide safety tickets for the employees?

Being a diligent homeowner or contractor is more than getting the best price, it’s being aware of the Professional Posers in the Construction Industry. There are obvious signs:

They can start your project this week. RUN - RUN- RUN

or Hire a Residential Construction Project Manager to Manage the project. Professional Residential Project Managers are usually on salary with larger construction companies because they have the experience to avoid all these costly mistakes that are common in DIY Projects. They access the project risks and discuss them with you prior to commencing, they monitor costs and quality and ensure the trades are scheduled in a timely manner.

Be my own General Contractor. What can go wrong?

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