Be my own General Contractor. What can go wrong?

Great! Your going to start your new DIY Home Renovation Project and your going to be the general contractor, over seeing all the trades. Very Exciting! To begin I would like to make a suggestion, most general contractors have a team, and checklists. sp to protect your wallet and project I highly advise you start your team with a qualified and experienced Residential Project Manager. The project manager will be your right hand person ensuring the project is up to code and budget. Residential Project Managers can be hired as consultants to assist you to navigate your project. For smaller projects they are often referred to as Residential Renovation Coaches this is because in most cases they will be more or less hands on and available depending on the contract.

However to start here’s a short video on who to avoid regardless of the trade especially if they offer to do the job for cash. Because if you don’t have a receipt you have no recourse.

Okay, so you know that if someone offers to do your job for cash that never ends well.

Lesson 2. I’m going to refer you to “How to spot a Professional Poser” there is a quick reference guide to hiring sub trades or you could use the expertise of your project manager that has the connections within the industry to find the best trades that can devote the time to complete your project within the scope of work that they’ve agreed to.

Do you have a scope of work? Is it detailed? I don’t mean a set of plans. I’m referring to a detailed written scope of work for each room in detail, with materials? Not only will the contractors require this but also most city officials when applying for permits.

Do you have a checklist of what materials are available in stock and lag times for materials that will require pre-payment and lag time?

Doing a renovation of any sort isn’t easy. So today let’s start with a Renovation Checklist you can use to start.

Home Renovation Simplified

How to Spot Professional Posers in the Construction Industry