Home Renovation Simplified

Home Renovation Simplified

Home Renovations don’t have to be complicated. With a written plan of action you can live thru a renovation with your sanity intact.

  • Decide if you should stay in the home or leave during the renovation.

    Depending on the size of the renovation it might be a good idea to plan a vacation , if you have a project manager overseeing the project for you they will provide you with updates of progress. If the project is smaller you may opt to rent a portable storage container and move all non essential items so when the project is completed you have less to clean around. It’s always best to consider staying off site while construction is in progress.

Renovation decide if you should stay or go
  • Schedule & Flexibility

    The best plan will have changes - renovations are a balancing act, life happens, materials can be delayed, weather can interfere, manpower shortages - if your renovation is planned to be completed in 10 working days be prepared it could take 14. For larger scale projects unexpected changes may need to be addressed - this is especially true in older homes. Homes are like Pandora’s Box, it’s not until walls or floors are opened you know exactly what the scope of work may be. Contractors make bids based on experience of working on homes of similar style and age. They make the best guess of what risks are involved so you can be prepared. Again when planning your renovation Risks will be discussed with your project manager.

Schedule and Flexibility
  • Establish Limits

    Discuss what areas the crews can access for instance - bathroom, kitchen. Where are tools and equipment will be stored

  • Change Orders

    Whenever ANYTHING that is not written on the scope of work is being done have a written change order with a price that is agreed upon and signed by you, the project manager and the contractor. No one wants surprises at the end of a renovation.

  • Neighbors and Pets

    Your neighbors should be advised that you are starting a renovation and what days/hours the construction crews will be onsite, this is especially appreciated in areas where parking is an issue or if you share a driveway. If you know your neighbor lets their dog or cat out unsupervised advise the contractor so they check for pets when large deliveries are coming and heavy equipment is being used.

These and more topics will be covered with your project manager to ensure you have a safe and comfortable renovation.

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