DIY Renovation Coach

Renovation T.V Realty Shows give the illusion that you meet a contractor Day 1 and on Day 7 Taa-Daa Your New Renovation is completed and it’s “Just what you dreamed of” Nothing could further from Reality!!! Renovations take months of planning to be completed properly. There are multiple meetings with designers or CAD planners to design the right floor plan. Then there’s picking contractors - deciding if you - yourself is going to be the General Contractor or if you’d prefer to hire a General Contractor . If you choose to be your own Genera Contractor or even if you want to be more educated to the lingo, learn the process and watch for rookie mistakes. You may want to hire a Renovation Coach.

Like all businesses a Renovation Coach is a professional that knows the industry and in most cases the Local Building Regulations and Codes. They have a easy to follow format to guide you thru the process and you can learn at your own pace in most cases. Depending on the coach it could be as simple as Online Class Room with weekly shared calls. Or you can go down the road of hard knocks without the professional guidance of a Renovation Project Manager or Renovation Coach and just do YouTube University.

Since I’m a Renovation Consultant and Project Manager I can say after speaking with hundreds of homeowners that wanted to save a buck and either do it themselves, hire a guy from Kijiji or Craigslist or my favorite a Friend of a Friend in the business that would do it after hours for cash. The story never ends well.

A Renovation Coach is someone that can guide and navigate you thru the complex process of renovations, new builds gut rehabs, your first flip in a customized process that will make you feel more confident and instantly gain credibility and respect from your construction crew and trades

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