3 Myths About Renovations

Myth #1 Find a good Contractor - most people think before they plan to renovate they should have a few contractors come over and give them a price on an invisible project without plans, measurements, finishes or details. They ask the contractor a ballpark price.

Fact : Before contractors are involved you should have a designer, architect or renovation consultant meet with you at your home to discuss the feasibility of your planned renovation. Your neighborhood, town, county or province may have restrictions on what you have planned or the building design may not allow for the renovation.

Myth #2 Designers, Renovation Consultants are too expensive

Fact: Without a plan your renovation can go off budget very quickly and you can run out of money before the project is completed.

Myth #3 I’ll save money and be my own General Contractor and Project Manager

Fact: Unless your self employed or have a boss that is very flexible being a Renovation Project Manager or General Contractor is a Full TIme Position. Both professions come with years of experience in both the trades and building relationships with trade partners they know and trust to do the job right the first time and on budget. Hiring a Renovation Consultant can elevate most of the stress and Save you time and Money if saving money is the goal but be prepared to do a lot of the heavy lifting, example having all of the materials on site when they are needed. Being your own General Contractor on a Large renovation with no experience would be like trying to fly a 747 without a flight crew. Your project has a high chance of failure.

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3 Myths About Renovations

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