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If your like most homeowner you’ve visited Pinterest, Houzz, Home Depot and a plethora of other home improvement sites trying to find the magic pill that will fix all your renovation whoas. But the sad truth is the only thing that can fix or plan your renovation professionally is a professional. Sure, you can spend countless hours on Youtube University looking for a magic one size fits all solution but it doesn’t exist yet.

Some things you have to send money on, and how you spend your money is entirely up to you. Here are the options:

  1. You Hire a Renovation Consultant

  2. You Hire a General Contractor

  3. YOu DIY learning from YouTube Videos

  4. . You Ask a Friend for Help

  5. You do Nothing and another Year passes with the Renovation

  6. You Sell the House

Honestly, the truth is that most DIY and Home Improvement Shows are using Renovation Consultants, Renovation Project Managers, to Plan and execute the home renovations you see magically happen on TV.

Most General Contractors that have successful companies have a Project Manager, Site Supervisor, Job Foreman on their jobs. So my question has always been why do homeowners feel they can plan and execute without one? Everyone needs a Hand, its okay to not know everything. For instance I recently underwent Cancer Treatment, I thought with all the information on the Internet I was fully prepared….hahaha, not even close. Thus the inception of Level Ten Reno Consultants. But the one thing I can tell you,not once did I try to be my Oncologist. There’s a reason some projects more forward smoothly and on budget - it’s usually the Project Manager.

So in short if you want to Save the Most on your Renovation - Hire a Renovation Consultant or Renovation Coach. I Guarantee You - You’ll Save at Least $10,000

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