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Construction Site Management

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Assistance in the preparation of the project schedule, review project plans, specifications and comment on the building design, scheduling, positive /negative cost risks, savings measures and potential pure risks and agile construction problems. Assemble the job site office and equipment requirements, contact, schedule and coordinate all subcontractor, suppliers and utilities, Monitor and maintain the project schedule on a weekly basis, discuss relevant issues at job site meetings, inform the Project manager of any errors, omissions or oversights in the design plans, act as a liaison between the site foreman , project manager, stakeholders and sponsor. Maintain job site safety and ensure Occupational Health and Safety regulations are maintained the logs are up to date including overseeing tool box talks, SWP forms, Tool and Equipment use, New Worker Orientation Checklist, Create/ Maintain or both Visitor Logs, Maintain and enforce good construction standards and quality control. Control and monitor labour, materials and equipment expenses. Assist in the preparation of monthly cost forecasting summaries. Coordinate all required municipal inspections, prepare and expedite project deficiency lists, and maintain a neat and tidy site office and meeting room.

Residential Project Manager/ Estimator $75 per hour plus HST

In this role we estimate and oversee projects from start to finish in a timely cost effective manner. Ensuring there is constant communication with team members,site managers, foreman , stakeholders and sponsors ensuring insuring min surprises throughout the project so a risk analysis is preformed during the early project planning sessions Services include but not limited too: Generate and maintain estimates and project schedules, attend regular meetings with sponsor and stakeholders, ensure proper permits are secured and posted, oversee and direct construction project from conception to completion, review projects in-depth to schedule deliverables (lag and lead times coordinate with project) Oversee project compliance for both safety and building codes, select tools, materials and track inventory, ensure contractual conditions are met and maintained. Review work progress on a daily basis, review job reports daily.

Construction Office Operations Consultancy $75 p/h plus HST

We work with your team to organize and /or implement efficient office procedures and policies. In areas of COR, WCB, AL/GL , Human Resources, Finances and more…

Project Management - Fixed Price Quote - Projects with Scope of Work 10% Plus HST

You provide us with a scope of work that is very defined and we provide a quote for the work. Typically this is for projects valued between $25,000 and $200,000 ideal for contractors that require project management or site management for a specific large scale project expected to last more than 2 months. In this type of project our overhead and profit is included in our price.

Project Management - Cost Plus Proposal for Construction Management Services

Larger more complex projects this is usually the best solution. You pay for each component plus a percentage (typically 25%) of our cost. We offer full transparency - you see the actual cost for each component, you are billed for each component and the agreed upon mark up.

Consultant and Project Management Miscellaneous Expenses Incurred

We also charge for miscellaneous expenses incurred by our services. This usually includes mileage, hotels, meals, miscellaneous materials that are required for your project that we must purchase directly including but not limited to specialty services by sub trades, consultants, testing, etc… in most cases the hourly or weekly fee is charged for management . Again all charges are transparent and will be charged back to you on a cost plus (percentage agreed upon) basis.